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"Recalibrate" is the latest release from project Golden Threads, Laura's first album from her solo music collection. This single is a breakup song pleading to salvage some of the pieces, while recognizing the need for growth outside of the relationship. Her first two singles 'Wallflower' and 'Like the Moon' were time markers of her process, hinting at themes of self acceptance and soothing the inner child. Wallflower was self produced with bandmates Ryan White and Charles Urich, during the pandemic when they experimented with recording in the garage Laura was living in. Though only Wallflower made the cut, they realized they had a lot of great material to work with. The rest of the album started getting pieced together, with Lauras brother Phil Gallant getting pulled into the mix to layer his intricate guitar textures and a flavour of his own. 

Prior to this project Laura spent 3 years writing and touring the east coast with her first bands Superfluid and Lazeez. They created some unforgettable experiences for the Halifax based musicians, playing main stages for Folly Festival, Evolve Festival, and Halifax Jazz Festival. She had opportunities such as creating a full orchestral arrangement of Superfluids original music that was played with Halifax Music Co-ops 'Inventions' series, and got to open for Taureg music legend Mdou Moctar. It took a catalytic experience to step away and reevaluate what she wanted in the world of performing and writing, followed by a pandemic to lock her in for exploring and refining her writing and recording styles.

Music was ingrained in her and something that always provided inspiration and safety. Nourished by the world of tape decks playing The Fugees, Spice Girls and Led Zeppelin, these greats among others, steered her towards her own sound, found through a life of songwriting and growing up with a house full of musicians and music lovers.

Catch Laura playing solo with her guitar, or with her full band of some of Halifax's most refined musicians; Charles Urich, Ryan White and Phil Gallant. Expect to be pulled in by raw lyrics, epic guitar riffs, groovy bass lines, and entranced by a soulful progressive take on jazz, R&B and rock.

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